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"" Deb is more than a "picture taker"... she's an artist. Our experience with Studio On3 has been exceptional. You just have to look through her galleries to see the quality of her work!Sheryl Martin

"" Deb does amazing photography. Parker and I had a wonderful session with her. The quality of service is exceptional! Jessica Wingen

I couldn't stop looking at Grants cute baby photos and found ur site! You take amazing photos! Brooke Kellen Blaalid

I love her chubby little toes peeking out! So excited with how these turned out Deb!Michelle Hinseth

"" Deb did a great job with my daughter's 9-month shoot. She looked spectacular in the many tutus that Deb had to offer and her patience with little ones is fabulous! We loved our prints and they were in high demand from family members as well!Michelle Hinseth

Deb your pictures are wonderful. Wow would love for you to do the kids pictures. You do great work. Amazing.Cara Dickerson

Friendly, Fun, Up to date studio! Great pics!! Deanna Benzick

So I got a compliment today on Michael and I's photo. The one on the bridge (dancing). They thought it looked similiar to a scene from a movie, like the notebook =) I also had a compliment VERY similiar to that on another photo you shot of us, saying it was like a movie cover... haha perhaps you oughta go shoot photography for movies ;)Karla Pick

I've always wanted to get professional pictures of myself taken for a while now. Ever since I lost weight I kinda wanted to show it off a little bit threw pictures but I could never find anybody that met the standards I was looking for. Then, when I met Deb and found out she was a photographer I had to check out her page and found out that she does amazing work! Not only does she make it fun for you, but she brings out your natural beauty. Looking at my pictures it's amazing to me that I can look like that. I would recommend her work to anybody I know and I most certainly will! Thanks Deb for making feel like the "pretty" girl for once! :)Myra Clarey

Deb is definitely amazing at what she does! She is so patient with children and lets them get comfortable with her and the studio before getting amazing shots! She has cool and different ideas to catch beautiful moments in time for you! Not like any other photographer i know!! :) Thanks DEB!!!Racheal Braaten

She's taking such great care of PetsPaw's clients. I can't wait to take my Roli dog to her soon. Check out her page and amazing work!Tabatha Odens

I am always amazed how my 2 year old sons pics turn out!! I have gone to Deb twice now and both times my son has not wanted to coporate. Deb takes the time to let the kids "warm" up to her and the studio. We were at are last photo shoot for TWO hours. She sat and threw a football with him until he was happy. She ended up getting GREAT pics of him smiling. I was AMAZED!!Shelby Smith

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